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A lawyer is not necessary to prepare a legal Texas power of attorney form for free. This type of document gives one person the ability to act in place of another. This basic legal instrument has several variations depending on the individual circumstances involved. These forms can by typed up or printed off a computer. Texas power of attorney form for free. There are are websites that provide state specific forms where all that is necessary is to fill in the blanks.

There are some basic types of powers of attorney or POA. The general POA grants an agent broad power to act on behalf of of someone else called the principal. This might include banking, signing contracts and dealing with other financial matters. It would also include making medical decisions on the principal’s behalf. In the majority of cases a close, trusted relative is named as the agent.

A special or specific POA grants only those powers named in the document. It could limit the agent to only making decisions in case of medical incapacity. It might also restrict the authority to certain financial decisions. These limits or exact duties need to be name in the form.

The instrument can also be either a durable or non-durable POA. Texas power of attorney form for free. The durable version is unlimited in length. This means that it stays in force until revoked by the principal. A non-durable type has a time limit of some type. This could include a beginning date, and expiration date or both.

It is advisable to have a Texas power of attorney form prepared free notarized. This provides additional security for those relying on the document by requiring identification upon the initial signing of it. A POA can be important in case of emergencies, prolonged absences or incapacitation of the principal person. Texas power of attorney form for free, It is a tool to seriously consider as part of a broader personal legal package.


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